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Web applications

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A web application is a special piece of software that is accessible over any type of network. The main advantage of a web application is its ability to be accessed over the internet, if you have a net connection you can use a web application. Another advantage is it only needs to run on one computer, called a server, and all that is needed to access it is a web browser and internet connection.

Jobsoft has the experience and skills needed to create web applications and custom software for you. Our clients benefit from increased profits and efficiency while using technology we develop for them. We will develop your solution with your budget and timeline in mind.

Jobsoft has developed a variety of web applications that do a number of functions for our Healthcare clients:

Cardshot a system for capturing and storing insurance card images as well as other patient data.
IPA-claims service a web application for management and submission of insurance claims automatically over the Internet.
HH Caller A telephony system that automatically calls and conducts a survey with recent heart surgery patients to assess their recovery status, all controlled over a web interface.
Lab Tracking
A lab tracking application that records and tracks lab results per patient, as well as generates reminder cards, certified letters, and physician notices, which can be automatically printed for use.
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